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Choosing the right roofing contractor is a critical decision for your business. You need to know that your commercial building is protected from the elements and other risks while ensuring you won’t face ongoing issues. How to choose a roofing contractor comes down to making an informed decision based on your specific requirements and a few time-tested criteria that the best contractors embody.

When Should I Look for Roofing Contractors In My Area?

As a business owner, you don’t want to incur unnecessary repair, replacement, or maintenance costs. However, there does come a time when it’s necessary to search “roofing contractors in my area” to find a professional who can help you. Knowing when to call can help avoid further damage down the line.

A few key signs indicate when to call professional roofing contractors. Visible wear is one of the easiest things to notice. If you have a smaller building, you may be able to get a good look at shingle or tile roofing from the ground. Sizable buildings will have roof access to inspect flat roofing systems.

If you notice missing shingles or tiles, torn or damaged roofing membranes, or other visible damage, you should call a local roof contractor to deal with the damage swiftly. That is also true for signs such as leaks, damaged flashing, and more.

Another good time to have a professional inspect your roof is after turbulent weather. Roofs of all types can take on damage during storms. Quickly dealing with any issues can help prevent moisture and pest infiltration, protecting your roof and the property.

You’ll also need a roofing contractor to handle renovations or expansions. Consult with a professional early on to ensure you don’t face unexpected circumstances that impact your timeline or budget.

Commercial Roofing Contractor Services

One of the most critical elements of how to choose a roofing contractor is understanding what you need from them. They can offer various services that can help your business with repairs, renovations, and more.

Basic repairs are among the most essential general contractor roofing services. Dealing with leaks is one example that takes more skill and experience than you might realize. One of the reasons you need professionals to handle this task is that identifying the source of any leak isn’t easy. If you notice pooling water in your facility, it could have taken any number of zigzagging paths to get there.

Storm damage response is another crucial service that helps keep businesses running. After a storm, damage can be widespread, and companies require rapid repairs to keep their lights on. In many cases, severe storm damage requires an emergency tarp-up to keep water and pests out before more extensive repairs can begin.

Not every roofing service is an emergency response. Some also provide roof installation for replacement or new construction projects. That entails careful planning, design, and material selection to ensure your business has the highest-quality roofing for years of worry-free performance.

You may need other services when you’re considering how to choose a roofing contractor. Numerous contractors offer additional exterior services, such as wall panel installation. Working with a single dedicated contractor can make significant renovations or repairs more manageable.

How to Choose a Roofing Contractor for the Job: Seven Factors to Consider

Once it’s clear that you need a commercial roofing contractor to handle your project, there’s still the question of how to make the right choice. The contractor you select will substantially impact how long the job takes, what you’ll pay, and the results you can expect. Making the right choice can benefit your business, while a mistake could have serious consequences.

Remember these essential criteria when considering how to find roofing subcontractors for your project. They will help you make an informed decision and keep your project on track and within budget.

1. Qualifications

At the most basic level, you need to know that you’re choosing a roofing contractor who can complete the job well. They must have the skills, experience, and certification to handle commercial roofing projects like yours.

Choosing a thoroughly qualified team ensures that they are up-to-date on the latest best practices in the industry. They’ll have the building techniques and materials to deliver safe, reliable, and long-lasting results.

When choosing certified roofing contractors, one of the most important qualifications you’ll want to verify is being licensed, bonded, and insured. Find out whether they can operate in your state, and only work with fully insured contractors. That way, you don’t find yourself liable if disaster strikes.

Not only does choosing a certified roofing contractor help ensure lasting results, but it also guarantees that the construction process is managed for the best results. You don’t want unskilled staff working on your property. A qualified roofing contractor will implement the appropriate measures to keep everyone safe from start to finish.

2. Portfolio

Like with any other major decision, you can make how to choose a roofing contractor easier by reviewing their previous work. A well-established and credible roofing contractor will have handled many projects and be glad to share their results with potential clients.

Reviewing their portfolio will establish the scope of their work and the quality of their execution. Look for projects similar in scale and style to your needs to ensure the contractor has the diverse capabilities to handle your project.

Look for portfolios full of various projects, including new construction, replacements, and different roofing styles. That shows adaptability and proficiency. You want a contractor who can handle any project and deliver stunning results.

The Roofing Solutions team has overseen over 5,000 projects since 2018, installing and repairing roofs of all types. You can see our most notable projects portfolio, including unique roofing installations at Louisiana Children’s Museum and Vanderbilt University.

3. Versatility

Versatility is an essential element for any type of contractor. That’s especially true regarding commercial roofing, where the materials and designs can vary widely, and any installations or repairs call for diverse skill sets and experience.

Your business has particular needs that must be fulfilled. Working with a contractor for a large project can prove challenging if they aren’t flexible. Ideally, you’ll want to maintain business continuity through projects as much as possible. That isn’t always realistic, but the right contractor will make an effort to accommodate your business.

That is also why you want a roofing contractor who has been in business for an extended period. There’s no replacement for years of experience when meeting the extensive range of issues that can come up during commercial roofing projects.

4. Awards

Like any other industry, various organizations and publications celebrate excellence in roofing by offering recognition to notable contractors. To find the best candidates, look for roofing contractors who stand out from the competition with industry awards demonstrating their commitment to quality service and lasting results.

Roofing Solutions has received many awards over our years in business. This level of recognition highlights the superior service we provide and the quality of installations and repairs we carry out.

As of 2023, Roofing Solutions is a back-to-back top 25 roofing company as deemed by the industry magazine Roofing Contractor. Engineering News-Record has also ranked us among the top 10 roofing contractors in the US.

5. Testimonials and Reviews

Roofing contractor reviews can offer clear insight into what you can expect when working with a contractor. It’s well worth the time to find out what their previous clients say about the contractor, their services, and their results.

In general, online reviews are a quick and easy way to find out more about a contractor. Whether you’re looking on Google, Facebook, or other platforms, you should find plenty of reviews about an established roofing contractor. Take a look at the overall score and what specific feedback clients have left.

Testimonials are another excellent source of information that you can often find on a roofing contractor’s website. When considering how to choose a roofing contractor, remember that a contractor decides which testimonials to show, so you should also check public reviews.

6. Customization

When you’re looking for questions to ask a roofing contractor prospect, remember that your project is unique. There’s no simple checklist to go over; instead, you’ll have to conduct a back-and-forth conversation to work through your project's particular requirements.

A quality contractor can tailor their solutions to your project rather than attempting a one-size-fits-all approach. When it comes to commercial properties, this customizability is essential. They should account for the unique architectural style, material choice, and requirements such as ventilation and insulation.

Find a contractor who takes the time to understand your project and adapt their approach as necessary. When working on the initial quote and planning phases, see whether the contractor is gathering enough details about your property to provide a truly accurate quote.

7. Location

The location of your contractor is another critical factor to consider. Some roofing contractors operate nationwide or work more like distributed networks of local contractors. In either scenario, you might find yourself without the specific services your location calls for, or you might not receive consistent quality.

A regional roofing contractor can offer the scale to tackle any type of project while accommodating local weather and climate challenges. Local project management also ensures that your project moves forward and stays controlled.

Roofing Solutions proudly serves more than 75 cities and locations across the Gulf Coast. We provide the quality installations and repairs needed to withstand everything from heat and humidity to storms. When you work with us, you get a fast response for any repairs and the versatility to handle any situation.

Professional Roofing Contractors at Roofing Solutions

Choosing a reputable roofing contractor is crucial for a successful project. Start by researching local companies and reading reviews. Ask for referrals from friends and family and verify their licenses, insurance, and certifications. Obtain multiple quotes to compare pricing and scope of work. For peace of mind, inquire about warranties and guarantees, but remember that terms and conditions can vary.

When vetting contractors, check their track record and experience in the industry. Take your time with the decision and make an informed choice to ensure your roofing project is in capable hands.

Choosing the right roofing contractor is something you need to get right because making the wrong choice can have disastrous consequences. To keep your project on track and within budget, you need a roofing contractor with the qualifications, versatility, and reliability to deliver top-notch results for commercial roofing.

Roofing Solutions checks every box for commercial roof repair, roof replacement, or new construction throughout Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and across the Gulf Coast. You can take advantage of our full range of commercial roofing services and enjoy professional service and lasting results. 

Make Roofing Solutions your choice for commercial roofers, and make the right choice for your project today.

Roofing Solutions Tupac de la Cruz COO

Tupac de la Cruz

COO , Roofing Solutions

Tupac has over 19 years of experience in the roofing industry. He sits on the executive board of the National Roofing Contractors Association.

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